Program Schedule – Understanding Indonesia Conference Overview 2022

Friday 18 February 2022 – Building Blue 1.1.01 Lecture Theatre

8:00amMeet and Greet, and Networking
8:35amWelcoming Remarks
Nathan Franklin
Charles Darwin University
8:40amAddress by Professor Scott Bowman
Charles Darwin University
8:45amAddress by the Honorable Luke Gosling
Member of the House of Representatives, Australian Federal Parliament, Member for Solomon,
8:50amAddress by Mr Gulfan Afero
Head of the Indonesian Consulate, Darwin
Session 1
Session 1 Theme: Politics, Religion, and Radicalism
Panel Chair: Prof Greg Shaw

Gus Dur’s Enduring Legacy: Accruing Religious Merit in the Afterlife
Dr Nathan Franklin
Charles Darwin University

Women Terrorists in Indonesia: A Case of ‘Lone Wolf’ or Developing Trend?
Dr Kate Macfarlane
Charles Darwin University

Remembering Dr Fauzi AR: Political and Religious Struggle
Dr Muhammad Najib Azca
University of Gadjah Mada
10:30amBreak – Morning Tea – Building Blue 1.1.14 / 1.1.35 (Break for 30 minutes)
Session 2
Session 2 Theme: International Relations and Regional Security
Panel Chair: Assoc. Prof Jon Mason

From Villain to Hero: The Role of Disengaged Terrorists in the Social Inclusion Effort
Dr Haula Noor
Australian National University

Regional Dilemma: An Indo-Pacific Region for the States or the New Normal
Mr Andre Siregar
Charles Darwin University / Indonesia Consul General Houston, Texas
12:00pmBreak – Lunch – Building Blue 1.1.14 / 1.1.35 and outside (Lunch for 1 hour and 15 minutes)
Session 3
Session 3 Theme: Democratic Institutions and State Ideology
Panel Chair: Peter Lilly

‘Slow Process is Still Progress’: protecting and Safeguarding Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions in Indonesia
Dr Dina Kariodimedjo
University of Gadjah Mada

Political Revenge: Downgrading Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) from Hero to Villain
Prof David Price
Charles Darwin University
2:15pmBreak – Afternoon Tea – Building Blue 1.1.14 / 1.1.35 (Break for 30 minutes)
Session 4
Session 4 Theme: The Movers and Shakers Whom History Forgot or Chose to Remember
Panel Chair: Ayu Pramitasari

The Pancasila Ideology Direction Bill (RUU-HIP) – A Missed Opportunity
Dr Adam James Fenton
Coventry University

Pahlawan, Pengkhianat atau Penjahat; Hero, Traitor or Villain: A Personal Journey Through Indonesian History
Dr Steven Farram
Charles Darwin University
3:45pmConcluding Remarks – Conference End