Dr Richard Curtis

Dr Richard Curtis

Dr Richard Curtis, University of the Sunshine Coast

Beginner breakout language sessions

  • Session one: Simple topic/comment sentences
  • Session two: Everyday language with roleplays, games, songs

These sessions will focus on constructing simple sentences for everyday communication using subject/predicate and topic/comment sentence patterns. The interactive small group learning activities will include roleplaying, games and songs.

Please note: Beginner Indonesian is for those with O to 50 hours formal/informal instruction in Indonesian language.


Dr Richard Curtis lectures in Indonesian language from beginners through to advanced levels at the University of the Sunshine Coast. He helps coordinate the annual Intensive In-country Indonesian Language and Cultural programs in Lombok (January-February) and Kupang (June-July), run by the Regional Universities Indonesian Language Initiative (RUILI) consortium. He established UniBRIDGE, which facilitates learning interactions between Australians learning Indonesian and Indonesian learning English through web conferencing, social media and exchange visits. Richard’s research interest are in Indonesian popular culture and literature. View Dr Curtis’ staff profile.