Mr Irianto Ryan Tedja

Irianto Ryan Tedja

Irianto Ryan Tedja, Murdoch University

Dam-Dam-Sut & Other Language Class Activities

Three group language activities:

1.     ‘Dam-Dam-Sut’ was designed based on the popular Indonesian children traditional game “SUTEN” which can be used as a class activity, an energizer or just-for-fun game.  It requires quick and accurate responses that will be reflected in the short sentences and movements.  It is a little bit like ‘Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.’

2.     ‘Mari Bernyanyi Bersama’, is a simple song that can be used to introduce the intransitive verbs which generally require the ‘BER’ prefix.

3.     ‘Saya Tahu Tanggal Lahir Anda’ involves numbers and colour that can amaze students who do not know the relationship between Binary and Decimal numbers.


Pak Irianto has taught Indonesian since 2002 at Murdoch University. View Pak Irianto’s staff profile for more information.