Dr Danial Kelly

Dr Danial Kelly, Senior Lecturer in Law, Associate Head, School of Law, Charles Darwin University

The Nature of Authority in Fundamentalist Islam and Pancasila: An Irreconcilability of Origins and Destination

The Soeharto New Order years can now be viewed as an interruption to fundamentalist Islam in Indonesia and a golden era for Pancasilaism. Preceding and following the New Order, fundamentalist Islam provided significant antagonism with all five elements of Pancasila, including the unity of Indonesia. This paper will analyse the underlying nature of authority of Pancasila and fundamentalist Islam in order to comprehend the irreconcilability of origins and destination of both normative systems. It will be argued that in order to improve the unity of Indonesia, a stronger stand needs to be made against fundamentalist Islam.


Dr Danial Kelly, BA, LLB(Hons), GDEd, GDLP, MAppLing, PhD

Danial specialises in intercultural law and education with a focus on Indonesia and Australian Indigenous matters. He is qualified as a lawyer, mediator and teacher and holds an academic position in the School of Law at Charles Darwin University.

Danial has been involved with Indonesia since 1993 and has worked and lived in Bali, Java and Aceh in various capacities. He has also taught Indonesian language in Australia and regularly collaborates on teaching and research projects with the law faculties of Universitas Gajah Mada and Universitas Udayana. For more see http://www.cdu.edu.au/law/staff-profiles/danial-kelly.